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  • A.I., teacher

    Extremely attractive, innovative materials robots are loved by children and reduce anxiety in math classes.

  • B. T., student

    Raising the awareness of primary school teachers about the need for pleasant activities for young schoolchildren to increase learning efficiency.

  • B.E., teacher

    The scenarios and video exercises are suitable for different proficiency levels in the mathematics subject for primary education.

  • B.F., student

    Could be improved with internet speed. Sometimes the loading speed is slow...

  • B.G., teacher

    I believe that this video library could also include video activities made by teachers who want to share the experience of using robots in the classroom, perhaps a section dedicated specifically to this, YourRoboExperience...?

  • B.K., teacher

    The use of robotics in the field of mathematics has been very creative. Children are afraid of maths lessons, it is more fun with robotics and I think learning will be permanent.

  • B.L., student

    I believe that this method by using robots will make mathematics easier to understand.

  • B.O., teacher

    I believe that robots are welcome in math activities because they attract children to learning and at the same time it is a modern means of learning.

  • B.V., teacher

    I find the video library on the site to be easy to understand. With a minimum of effort on the part of the teachers, such activities would not be so difficult to achieve. Certainly, the students would be much more receptive and would understand the contents much better. Math lessons would be adapted to current times.

  • C.C., teacher

    The videos contain very interesting activities and students would definitely like them. A problem in the integration of robotics in mathematics classes could be the lack of knowledge of some teachers regarding the technology. The background the students come from could be another issue. There are classes in rural areas and not only, where the children come from disadvantaged families, they do not have access to information and no matter how hard the teachers try, they do not meet the requirements. It is difficult for them to acquire simple, basic notions. There are schools in Romania where decent conditions are a luxury, let alone technology.

  • C.S., student

    The videos and scenarios show how the students get involved, collaborate and complete the tasks in an attractive and skill-oriented way.

  • C.S., teacher

    It would have been interesting to hear the actual sound. The images are relevant and can inspire. The children seem to be in the learning process. He would be interested in observing the children who know the game and the dynamic creation of game situations by them.

  • C.Y., student

    I like the short and concise narration of the videos. A child can build something in his/her mind just by watching this video and apply the same thing. I think it can provide an effective maths learning. It is a logical and very nice project.

  • D.A., teacher

    I am of the opinion that if the students worked more in teams or groups they would not be anxious anymore.

  • D.E., student

    Any method or means of modern education are very attractive for children and obviously reduce students' anxiety.

  • F.F., teacher

    It's important to create as active an environment as possible for children and I don't know what could be changed. Changes have both positive and negative effects.

  • G. S.,student

    I don't think anything needs to be improved.

  • G.A., student

    Children's curiosity is an important factor and maintaining this curiosity through videos is essential. Through play, children are attracted to learn more and more interesting things.

  • G.T., teacher

    In order to increase interest in mathematics subjects, I can say that it is effective at the point of concretising the events. In this way, it is easier for students to visualise subjects such as geometric shapes etc.. Especially I think it improves problem solving skills.

  • H.Ç., student

    I think that these activities will be very useful in terms of teaching mathematics in accordance with the interests and needs of children by blending mathematics with robotics by going beyond traditional patterns in terms of primary mathematics education.

  • H.E., teacher

    The videos help to reduce prejudice against maths teaching and promote maths.

  • M.B, student

    In the videos, we have seen a combination of learning with games and learning using technology. In addition, the availability of various language options is a big plus. I would like to implement such activities in my class.

  • M.Ç, teacher

    It has a content that they can learn while having fun. Even students who do not like mathematics and have anxiety will be able to learn mathematics and feel the desire to participate in the activities.

  • M.D., teacher

    The involvement of children in carrying out the activities seems impactful to me. I think an improvement could be the addition of more detailed explanations about how all the activities are carried out.

  • M.E.B, student

    I found it effective to involve students in the learning process and to learn mathematics by using different areas of intelligence.

  • N.N., student

    Videos are relevant, provide concrete support. The activities can be improved according to the creativity of the teacher or they can be adapted to the specifics of the class of students, according to the cognitive capacities of the students. Differentiated team work would involve a larger number of students, with tasks specific to cognitive potential, and thus definitely reduce anxiety. The playful spirit of the activities involves the students more, automatically.

  • N.O., teacher

    I found the videos I watched interesting, the footage gives an overview of all the players, making it very easy to understand the way of work, organization, etc.

  • P.C., teacher

    I applied some of the scenarios from the website and the students were very excited. They ask me all the time to play with robots. I was inspired by the ideas in the video and I use them weekly.

  • P.O.,teacher

    Believe that the videos are impactful and can successfully support primary school teachers.

  • R.L.,student

    I believe that by using these materials, teachers will attract much more students to learning and maybe even additional documentation at home on certain topics.

  • S.A., student

    Children's curiosity is an important factor and maintaining this curiosity through videos is essential. Through play, children are attracted to learn more and more interesting things.

  • S.K., student

    I think that the best improvement would be to work in groups, according to the level of competence of the students.

  • S.M., student

    Very good impression, the videos are useful for students to learn more easily, and to understand more things through different images. It's a way to reduce anxiety with videos that represent all kinds of situations the students are put in, and at the same time the kids in the class can see that they're not alone in the same situation.

  • T.A., teacher

    In my opinion, the integration of robotics in mathematics classes is a very important way to reduce students' anxiety, because they are more afraid of this subject and generally avoid it, but with the help of robotics they can express themselves more easily and it would be much more convenient.

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